Racing Power Company now available at

One of the leading manufacturers of chrome and aluminum engine dress-up accessories & racing components, Racing Power Company (RPC) is now available on You can now shop for just about anything RPC makes, from radiators, valve covers, steering wheels to steering columns.

We’ve got Curb Feelers

If you’ve got a classic car, then you’ll need curb feelers to complete the look. Not only do they look great on any vintage car, but they’re functional in making sure you don’t ruin your wheels or fenders.

If these are too plain for you, Pirate Mfg carries a whole line of curb feelers that should cater to your needs.

Pirate Manufacturing now offers motorcycle accessories!

This is just the beginning of what’s to come from Pirate Mfg, motorcycle accessories. Check out these classically inspired tail lights.

These tail lights are perfect for anyone that wants to give their motorcycle a custom look.

So you want to buy a Hummer H2

I don’t blame you. Remember that article I posted about how the H2s were voted to have the best resale value by the Canadian International Autoshow. Anyhow, now that you’ve set your mind into getting your own, how do you buy one? Do you check it out much like a regular car? Well, there are some differences in how you do it. But before you do go. You may want to read up on this great article by Ebay: “How to buy a Hummer H2″

Well, if you are reading this guide then it is pretty clear that you are not the average individual who thinks that a vehicle is simply to take you from Point A to Point B. The Hummer H2 is definitely not for the staid person who goes through life without shaking things up. The Hummer H2 will get a second (maybe even third look) on the street. The Hummer look for the uninitiated is the impressed yet disappointed “Bummer, it’s not me” expression that washes over those who see “lucky you” in your Hummer H2. It could also be the “is that Hummer H2 going to take up both of those parking spaces” look that is more annoyance than admiration. Either way, trust me, you’ll get a second look.

Okay, if you’ve read the first paragraph and decide that you are still a Hummer person then you are in luck. I am going to walk you through how to buy a Hummer H2 as well as throw in some interesting Hummer facts and history so that you’ll be able to spit out some pithy tidbits to all the people who are going to engage you in conversation when they learn that you own an Hummer H2. This guide is not intended to convince you to buy a Hummer but rather help you decide on and buy the right Hummer H2 model for you. So, I am not going to waste space telling you how many miles per gallon (11 to 12 mpg – couldn’t help it) your Hummer H2 gets you. If frequent trips to the gas station don’t bother you, keep on reading.

Once you have decided that you want an Hummer H2, you’ve basically got three choices. The Hummer H2 comes in the Base model or either the Adventure or Lux Package if you are interested in upgrading.


Once you’ve got your new-to-you H2, then make sure you customize it with Pirate Mfg H2 parts. We carry an extensive parts list of billet parts to make your H2 look even better.

Great news for Hummer owners

Apparently the Hummer H2 was recently named in Canada as the vehicle with the most favorable, or in other words “Best” resale value. Hummer was awarded this position during a ceremony at the Canadian International Autoshow.

You can read the full article HERE.

So that means for you die-hard Hummer owners, you might be sitting on a future gold mine. It may even become a hot seller once it reaches Classic Car status. Just think about it, the look and shape of the Hummer is so iconic that you were drawn to it for that very reason.

As you know Pirate Mfg. has been producing all sorts of after-market billet parts for the Hummer. If you check out our website, you’ll find that we offer over 80 different Hummer parts.


Classic Car Engine Dress-Up Kits

Pirate Mfg has a slew of Classic Car Engine Dress-Up Kits for Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Oldsmobile and Pontiac.

Here’s a few examples.This is the PONTIAC CHROME ENGINE DRESS UP KIT 301-455 SHORT

Product description:

PONTIAC CHROME ENGINE DRESS UP KIT 301- 455 Pontiac chrome engine dress up kit. This kit will fit 1959-1977 301-455 engines. Short height 2-5/8 Inch. This dress up kit includes 1 pair of chrome tall and baffled valve covers, 8 chrome valve cover wing nuts, 8 chrome valve cover spreader bars, 1 chrome push in breather cap, 1 rubber push in breather grommet, & 1 rubber pcv grommet. This kit will fit 1959-1977 301-455 engines.

To see the rest of our dress up kits, just visit Pirate Mfg.


Ford Mustang Parts for 99-94 models by Pirate Mfg

We’re very pleased to announce that Pirate Mfg is now offering interior and exterior parts/accessories for the 99-04 Ford Mustang. Here’s some examples of our work.

1999-04 Ford Mustang Black Stainless Steel Bumper Insert Letters

1994-04 Ford Mustang Chrome Billet A/C Knobs

1994-04 Ford Mustang Chrome Billet E-Brake Handle


Top Sellers on

Here are the top 3 sellers on Pirate Mfg.

1. Pirate Mfg MU0034SC Pirate 2005-10 Ford Mustang Chrome Billet Seat Handle Levers

2. Pirate Mfg MU0005SC 2005-09 Ford Mustang Chrome Billet A/C Knob Covers


2015 Ford Mustang

The folks at Car and Driver had received their “leaked” photos of the new 2015 Ford Mustang. Looks pretty sharp if you ask me.

You know what’s interesting about this Mustang? It sorta reminds me of the Aston Martin DBS


We’ve got your blue dots!

Pirate Mfg is now offering Glass Blue Dots with Rings. Perfect for your hot rod, car, truck or motorcycle.

blue dots

Here’s a prime example of a hot rod with blue dot tail lights.
blue dot tail lights
blue dot tail lights
These aren’t like those cheap plastic kind that you can buy at the auto parts store, these blue dots are made with REAL GLASS and it comes with Chrome retaining rings with bend back tabs. Sold in pairs. Currently On Sale For: $11.95

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